Free Access for All

Joining a handful of memorable librarians featured on the silver screen like Marian from the Music Man and Andy Dufresne of the Shawshank Redemption, “The Public” released this month brings us Stuart Goodson played by Emilio Estevez. Inspired by a 2007 essay in the Los Angeles Times, the movie focuses on a public library and its patrons who are homeless as they face an arctic freeze one winter night. Estevez wrote, directed and stars in the film which shares the increasing role of libraries as places of access and equity when dealing with many of today’s social issues. The film will be playing at the Savoy Theater next week only, with a special opening night on Friday featuring Q&A with a panel of local librarians.

Although too small to house anyone overnight, we do work to provide free access to books, resources and information through our programs. On Sunday, April 27th from 3-6pm we open up the Town Hall to anyone interested in playing the legendary fantasy role playing game Dungeons & Dragons. May brings a free Sewing Extravaganza day to work on your projects together on the 11th from 9am-4pm, registration is required by contacting the library. Spend some time on your mental health and well-being by joining in Forest Spa Time on Sunday, May 12th from 3-5pm at the Moretown Town Forest. We finish out the month with Birding by Ear with the Mad Birders; there is an indoor session on Saturday May 25th at 1:30pm at Town Hall, and then practice outside on Sunday, May 26th at 7am at Pony Farm in Moretown.

There are also many resources available at the library to help anyone get started on a path to needed services. Organizations like Vermont Student Assistance Corporation, Circle, the Governor’s Institute, AARP, Capstone Community Action and Departments of Health and Children and Family all send information to be posted and distributed. Guided access to Vermont 211’s website resource guide with categories from crisis/helplines and consumer resources to health care, food and housing is also available. And, as the newest official posting site for town committees, residents can see agendas and minutes for the various open meetings happening in the community.

Finally, there is the original and fundamental service of providing free books either physically or electronically thereby increasing access to information for all. Some recent additions to our collection include “Lights All Night Long” by Lydia Fitzpatrick and “American Moonshot: John F Kennedy and the Great Space Race” by Douglas Brinkley. Fitzpatrick shares the story of 15 year old Ilya as he embarks upon a year in America as an exchange student. Complications arise for his brother Vladimir back in Russia when he finds himself in prison, and with the help of his host family’s daughter Ilya works to find the truth. With the 50th anniversary of the moon landing this summer, the non-fiction tale of the space race by Brinkley is an appropriate way to commemorate this part of our shared history. Hope to see you at the library soon!