Nominations for Little Free Libraries Locations Begins!

This summer the Mad River Valley Librarians are coming together to help design, build and install tiny libraries in three Valley locations, joining over 50,000 registered Little Libraries across the globe.  Embracing the statewide summer reading program theme, “Build a Better World”  these mini libraries offer a free, simple and fun way to exchange books.

Providing 24 hours of accessibility to a wide range of books for a multi generational audience,  it is the hope that these little libraries will foster neighborhood book sharing and will provide one more path towards a life long love of reading. Each library is unique and will be designed by community members but typically they are made of wood and house approximately 20-30 books.

We need your help! From planning through installation there are all sorts of ways to get involved.  Nominations will commence on Monday, May 22 with the goal to find the perfect three sites to install the Little Libraries.  Do you have a place in mind that would be an ideal spot for one of these libraries?  You can nominate your spot here or in person at each library.  After compiling the nominations official voting on sites will begin Thursday, June 8 and the winners will be announced on Friday, June 16.

Once the places are designated all interested community members will then gather to brainstorm design ideas.  There will be an open session in the middle of June with a volunteer architect to help bring these ideas to life. We will then gather on Saturday, June 22 at the Waitsfield Farmer’s Market along with a few members of Aaron Flint Builders (a Waterbury based construction company) to construct the Little Libraries.

For more information come visit us or go to online.