November News

A favorite holiday is approaching. Traditionally there are no presents or candy involved, instead it is a time to gather with friends and family and eat good food. The name literally means the chance to share appreciation. So, in honor of Thanksgiving here are some of the things we are grateful for at the library:

We are grateful for our Trustees, Friends and Volunteers. Our Trustees help shape and guide the mission and services we provide, the Friends raise important funds to help implement those services, and our volunteers keep the doors open and the circulation desk running for our patrons. Simply put, without these dedicated groups the library could not operate.

We are grateful for programs like the recent grant-funded PLACE Climate Change Discussion Series hosted by the MRV Libraries. Over the past three months, community members came together to grapple with several themes of climate change explored in both books and short films. What emerged from these discussions were a few solid ideas and next steps for our community to build resiliency and adapt to the more frequent and extreme flooding we are seeing even now. We appreciate the hope fostered from the conversation.

We are grateful for the community members who have agreed to share their expertise for our upcoming programming. This Sunday starting at 4pm at the Moretown School, clinical herbalist Allison Dellner returns for the last workshop in a year long series. Our focus will be on aromatic, pungent, and spicy herbs. We will discuss the condensing, shedding and releasing energy of the fall season, and make Fire Cider together. The class is free to attend however registration is required by contacting the library. The Moretown Open Mic coming up on Friday at the Old Town Hall is also a great opportunity to get together and appreciate the hidden talents of friends and neighbors.

We are grateful for books, audiobooks and ebooks. For the cost of a library card (free), they bring us into new worlds, expand our horizons, give us new perspective, and sometimes simply entertain us. Some recent additions here include the biography “Ali: A Life” by Jonathan Eig, “The Rules of Magic” by Alice Hoffman, and Ta-Nehisi Coates’ latest “We Were Eight Years in Power: An American Tragedy”.

And last but not least, we are grateful for community support including from local businesses like the recent donation of a Happy Light from Verilux for patrons to check out. Whether from direct patronage, participation in programming, donations or tax dollars, we are privileged to provide materials and services to meet the community’s needs. Hope to see you at the library soon!