The Heart of the Summer

The first haying is long past and the river is the place to be as we find ourselves in the heart of summer. Things at the library have been busy as well with summer learning, new books and some strategic planning in the works.

The library trustees will be meeting for a half day retreat on Saturday, July 20th to spend some time on the ‘the big picture’. Utilizing both the data we gathered during our recent community engagement as well as previous strategic plans, the goal is to think about how the library can grow and evolve to continue meeting our community’s needs while also preserving what currently benefits the town. While only a beginning, this concentrated time will help create some guidance for the trustees as they work to ensure a sustainable future for the library as a community space.

There are also still a few weeks of great events left in our “Universe of Stories” summer learning program. On Saturday, July 20th at 7:30pm we will “Party to the Moon and Back” at the Moretown Rec. Fields to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. Eat moon cake, make galaxy slime and watch actual footage of the moon landing. We will also have telescopes and other equipment on hand for some stargazing once the sun goes down. Tuesday, July 23rd at 10:30am we explore “The Myths in our Stars” at the Moretown Town Hall with a hands-on workshop to learn some of the constellations, planets and stories they tell. And Thursday, July 25th at 1pm at the library we discover what it would take to survive on Mars with a breakout game complete with codes to crack and puzzles to solve. A big thank you goes to our two summer interns, Sophia Sharp and Elizabeth Polubinski, who have helped make so many of the programs happen. Be sure to visit our website to check out the summer learning brochure for details on the rest of the summer.

Some great titles for summer reading (and cooking) include “Superiority Burger Cookbook” by Brooks Headley and “Mrs. Everything” by Jennifer Weiner. Following two sisters born in 1950’s detroit, Weiner deftly explores how aspirations for the future can be derailed and changed through love and loss on a personal level against the backdrop of a tumultuous and changing time for women in American culture. While not as new to our collection, with all of the great local and fresh produce summer is a great time to explore vegetarian cooking with the “Superiority Burger Cookbook”. You will not find any meat burgers but instead a plethora of sandwiches, cool salads and warm vegetables like the “sloppy dave”, “hippy wrap” and ‘ice-cold herbed melon and cucumber salad”. Yum. Hope to see you at the library soon!